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Sneak A Peek Ultrasound & Spa

Experience the Miracle of Life Before Birth

About Sneak A Peek Ultrasound & Spa

Sneak A Peek Ultrasound & Spa, based in Hilliard, OH, United States, offers top-quality prenatal elective ultrasounds in a spa-like setting, using cutting-edge technology to bring unborn babies to life through advanced imaging. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to capturing beautiful images of your baby and helping you bond with your little one before they are born. We understand that pregnancy can be a stressful time, which is why we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to create a memorable experience for our clients.

Image by Andrew Seaman

Sneak A Peek Blog

At our elective ultrasound facility, we are dedicated to providing you with a memorable and heartwarming experience. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert staff ensure that you can cherish beautiful moments with your little one. Whether you're eager to see your baby's first images or reveal their gender in a unique way, we're here to make it special for you and your family. Trust us to capture the magic of these precious moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Our DNA gender testing service is a cutting-edge and highly accurate method to determine the gender of your baby as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy. Using advanced genetic technology, we analyze fetal DNA to provide you with fast and reliable results. This non-invasive and safe procedure offers an exciting opportunity to discover the gender of your little one with confidence. Get ready to embark on your gender-reveal journey with us, where anticipation meets science, and the joy of knowing begins.

Explore our exquisite permanent jewelry collection, featuring pieces that are a true testament to your distinctive style and beauty. These treasures are designed to stand the test of time, reflecting your individuality and elegance. Find the perfect piece that resonates with you, adding a touch of lasting sophistication and meaning to your jewelry collection.



“I had the most amazing experience at Sneak A Peek! The staff were so friendly and the images of my baby were absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to come back for another session!”
Teresa Watkins
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