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Heartbeat Keepsake: A Recording of Your Baby's Heartbeat

Are you expecting a baby and looking for a unique and special way to preserve the memory of this precious time? Look no further than Sneak A Peek Ultrasound & Spa! We offer a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will allow you to cherish the sound of your baby's heartbeat forever. Using our cutting-edge ultrasound technology, we can capture the beautiful sound of your baby's heartbeat during your ultrasound session. This recording is then transferred onto a special device called a Heartbeat Animal. This adorable stuffed animal not only serves as a cuddly companion for your little one but also holds the precious recording of their heartbeat. Imagine being able to listen to the sound of your baby's heartbeat whenever you want, even after they are born. It's a truly magical way to bond with your baby and create lasting memories. But that's not all! At Sneak A Peek Ultrasound & Spa, we offer a range of other keepsake options to help you remember this special time. Our packages include features like gender determination, listening to the baby's heartbeat, and receiving CDs and DVDs of the ultrasound session. You can also choose to have printed images of your ultrasound in both black and white and color. We understand that every parent-to-be wants the best for their baby, and that's why we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to create a memorable experience for all our clients. Our spa-like setting and state-of-the-art technology ensure that you will have a comfortable and enjoyable ultrasound session. In addition to our heartbeat keepsake, we also offer early gender DNA tests (SneakPeek) and permanent jewelry options. We even provide 3D/4D/HD LIVE training courses for individuals interested in starting their own business in the ultrasound keepsake industry. Our comprehensive training covers both the clinical and technical aspects of 3D/4D/HD LIVE ultrasound, with a focus on hands-on scanning to develop scanning skills. So why wait? Contact Sneak A Peek Ultrasound & Spa today to learn more about our heartbeat keepsake and other services. We can't wait to help you create lasting memories of this special time in your life.

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